Future Doctors Kit

An introductory online medical course and patient examination kit for completing 60 practical projects. The future doctors kit is best suited for students ages 12-16. The introductory medical course is designed for anyone going into the medical field: Nurses, doctors, paramedics, surgeons, and other aspiring medical professionals.


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The Apprentice Doctor’s Future Doctors Medical Kit for High School Students and Young Aspiring Medical Professionals.

Get a stunning glimpse into the fascinating world of medicine, learn about the human body from a medical perspective, and acquire dozens of medical skills.

You’ll learn about:

  • The principles of a medical examination and complete 20 practical projects.
  • 11 systems of the human body and complete 40 relevant practical projects.
  • Different kinds of diseases.
  • Potential careers in medicine.

Once you’ve completed the introductory medical course you have the option to request to take an online assessment. If you pass you’ll and earn a certificate worth 75 internationally accredited extracurricular credit hours for you to add to your application to college or medical school. Some schools will accept your credit hours as alternative shadowing hours.

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