Control Bleeding Simulation Practice Kit

Learn how to stop bleeding in an emergency. The control bleeding kit has everything you need to complete the online training course.

The final objective of the kit and training course is the most important and that is to enable both the general public as well as all medical professionals to control and stop bleeding effectively, and as a result, prevent the premature death of trauma and mass disaster victims.



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The objectives of the Apprentice Doctor® Control Bleeding Course are:

Give members of the public (without medical background/training) a good understanding of the different types of bleeding and then enable them to practice and perfect the relevant skills to stop or significantly reduce bleeding.

Teach medical and healthcare professional students the basic principles of bleeding, hemostasis, shock, and how to control and/or stop bleeding in the emergency as well as in a medical environment.

You Get Instructional Videos That Teach You, Step-by-Step, the Various Ways to Stop Bleeding, Including All the Relevant Medical Theory

Control Bleeding Course students will gain knowledge and an understanding of:

  • Vascular anatomy
  • Physiology of blood, blood volume, blood pressure, and blood clotting
  • Methods to control bleeding in both the emergency and controlled medical settings
  • Surgical shock
  • Restoring hypovolemia
  • Relevant pharmacology
  • Various other related subjects

Methods to stop bleeding in the emergency setting:

  • Direct pressure
  • Packing and bandaging
  • Tourniquets

Methods to stop bleeding in the controlled medical environment:

  • Direct pressure
  • Packing and bandaging
  • Tourniquets
  • Clamping bleeding blood vessels
  • Tying-off bleeding blood vessels
  • A variety of other measures available to the medical professional

(Optionally) Get a Certificate Worth 30 Credit Hours

The Apprentice Doctor’s Control Bleeding Course is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) – K-12 science content standards. Add the certificate to your application to medical school / training institute to get 30 alternative shadowing hours.

Complete Control Bleeding Kit

The kit has everything you need to complete the online course practical projects, including a control bleeding simulation arm with veins that actually bleed and arteries with blood squirting out!

Item List and Quantity:
Basic simulation arm (Incl. tubes and connectors) x1
Hemostatic forceps Straight (15 cm / 6″) x1
Hemostatic forceps Curved (15 cm / 6″) x1
Sphygmomanometer Aneroid x1
Tourniquet CAT Arterial x1
Linen savers Protective covers x1
Plastic aprons Waterproof x4
Nitrile gloves Medium 4 pairs
Gauze squares Medium x50
Ribbon gauze(mutton cloth) Medium x4
Crepe/ pressure bandage 50 mm (2″) x4
Simulation IV-bag (empty) 1000 ml x1
IV-line Adult x1
Syringe 60 ml Luer lock x1
Stitch cutter Long x1
Balloon Tube form x2
Marker pen Red (non-toxic) x1
Tie suture No needle (1 meter / yard) x1

Additional information

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions17 × 6 × 6 in

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