Wearable Venipuncture Trainer

Practice and perfect your iv and phlebotomy skills using this wearable venipuncture trainer to build up confidence before sticking real people.

Ideal for students:

  • Phlebotomy students
  • Nursing students
  • EMT & paramedics
  • Medical students
  • Training veterinarians
  • Patient care technicians


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Prepare for Clinicals — Get the muscle memory and mechanics down so you can give injections, do blood draws, and iv insertions with confidence.

Practice as much as you want.

Practice as much as you want.

  • Withstands hundreds of needle sticks
  • Veins automatically reseal
  • Suited to training groups/workshops

Confidence comes with experience

Practice for successful sticks every time, over & over again.

  • Get the muscle memory and mechanics down
  • Build confidence for real-world scenarios
  • Ace your in-person nursing clinicals

Reduce anxiety approach your clinicals and real-world scenarios with less fear and more confidence.

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