IV & Phlebotomy Practice Kit with Full Size Arm (Light)

Phlebotomy practice kit and iv practice kit. Includes 1 year access to the Apprentice Academy’s online venipuncture training course created by experienced medical professionals with step-by-step video tutorials, illustrations, & in-depth theory related iv & phlebotomy procedures and techniques. Includes a 1 year product warranty. 


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Get experience and build up your confidence before sticking patients.

IV & Phlebotomy Practice Kit — The included items were selected by practicing medical professionals so you have everything you need to get started immediately.

Suitable for Workshops — Train nurses, phlebotomists, patient care technicians, medical students, veterinarians, or anyone new to performing venipuncture techniques.

Prepare for Clinicals — Get the muscle memory and mechanics down so you can give injections, do blood draws, and iv insertions with confidence.


Feel like you’re treating a real patient.

  • Give-feel upon entering the vein
  • Red flash / flash back
  • Anatomically accurate vein placement
  • Arm feels real to the touch

Anatomically correct cephalic or basilic veins with veins on the dorsal hand (metacarpal), lateral pulse, and the cubital fossa area on the ventral forearm.


Practice as much as you want.

  • Takes 1000s of needle sticks
  • Veins automatically reseal
  • Suited to training groups/workshops
  • 1-Year warranty included

Durable IV & phlebotomy practice arm with resealing veins for endless practice. Ideal for workshops & multiple students. Can withstand thousands of sticks with proper care.


Successful sticks every time, over & over again.

  • Develop your muscle memory
  • Build confidence for real-world scenarios
  • Ace your in-person nursing clinicals
  • Avoid the anxiety associated with live draws

Get the muscle memory and mechanics down. The Apprentice Doctor’s IV & Phlebotomy Practice Kit is a game-changer for skill mastery, confidence building, and anxiety reduction. Soon you’ll be able to approach your clinicals and real-world scenarios with less fear and more confidence.


Online training designed for healthcare professionals.

  • Practice placing iv-lines
  • Master phlebotomy procedures
  • Perfect giving injections
  • Successful blood draws
  • Internationally accredited training

Training includes 30 practical projects with step-by-step video tutorials and covers: drawing venous and arterial blood, giving subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, collecting capillary blood, how to deal with complications of venipuncture, and information regarding other specimens (excluding blood) received by the medical technology lab.

Practice Kit

  • Hospital-grade components, sterile
  • Complete venipuncture training kit
  • Brand new kit in a sealed box
  • Easy to set up & use

Don’t compromise on quality for cost. Our hospital-grade iv & phlebotomy arm with sterile sharps practice kit includes everything you need to perfect your clinical nursing skills. High quality components are standard in our kit and necessary to get a true-to-life simulation training experience.

Master venipuncture and intravenous (IV) techniques that virtually all medical professionals need to perform.

  • Perfect for a phlebotomy student, a training RN, medical assistant students, anyone preparing for clinicals, anyone going into the medical field or who simply want to keep their skills sharp.
  • In contrast to more cheaper venipuncture practice arms, our arm’s resealing skin and veins have been specially designed to endure hundreds if not thousands of needle sticks. Lower-cost alternatives simply don’t stand the test of time. With the Apprentice Doctor’s Venipuncture arm, you’re not just getting value for your money, but also a more realistic training experience, enhancing your competency in the field.
  • The Apprentice Doctor’s iv & phlebotomy practice kit comes with everything you need to get started right away:  venipuncture instructional videos, illustrations, and essential information on how-to place IVs, draw blood, give injections, and more.
  • The phlebotomy & iv start kit includes real items used by medical professionals every day.

Cephalic Vein at the Wrist – The cephalic vein runs from the hand to the side of the wrist and then through to the cubital fossa area

Basilic and Cephalic Veins (Cubital Fossa) – Practice drawing blood, giving injections and draw blood using blood collection tubes on the basilic and cephalic veins.

Metacarpal Veins – Master IV cannulation / IV catheter insertion using any of the four veins on the top of the hand.

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