Pediatric Venipuncture Practice Kit

Pediatric IV and phlebotomy practice arm for practicing and perfecting critical venipuncture skills before working on real babies. Perfect for training healthcare professionals to build up their confidence performing venipuncture techniques with an enhanced level of difficulty in order to get successful sticks every time, over and over again.


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Our pediatric phlebotomy & iv practice arm veins are smaller compared to our adult-size practice arms (about half the diameter inside the vein). Get a realistic simulation experience for all healthcare and nursing professionals working with babies and toddlers.

Gain experience and build up your confidence before sticking patients.

Prepare for phlebotomy and iv skills tests. Practice and perfect venipuncture techniques and procedures in the comfort of your home and pass your in-person nursing clinicals on the 1st try.


Feel like you’re treating a real patient.

  • Give-feel upon entering the vein
  • Red flash / flash back


Successful sticks every time, over & over again.

  • Develop your muscle memory
  • Build confidence for real-world scenarios
  • Ace your in-person nursing clinicals
  • Avoid the anxiety associated with live draws

Get the muscle memory and mechanics down. The Apprentice Doctor’s IV & Phlebotomy Practice Kit is a game-changer for skill mastery, confidence building, and anxiety reduction. Soon you’ll be able to approach your clinicals and real-world scenarios with less fear and more confidence.

Practice Kit

  • Hospital-grade components, sterile
  • Brand new kit in a sealed box
  • Easy to set up & use

Resealing latex veins.

The iv & phlebotomy practice arm veins automatically reseal after every stick. Using 21G-22G needles, you will get hundreds of sticks before the veins start leaking after which you can store the arm for 3-4 weeks before using them again. The time in storage will heal the veins and reseal them. This can be done a number of times.

Suitable for Workshops — Train nurses, phlebotomists, patient care technicians, medical students, veterinarians, or anyone new to performing venipuncture techniques.

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