Scrub for Surgery Kit

The Apprentice Doctor’s Scrub for Surgery Kit and Online Training Course by Dr. Anton Scheepers is designed for premedical students and simulation labs running scrub for surgery workshops.

Supplies for 10 students are included in the kit.


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LEARN & PRACTICE – How surgeons prepare for surgery. Understand how germs work, spread, cause infections, and how you can protect yourself and others from getting infected.

ESSENTIAL SKILL for surgical professions: Aspiring medical professionals who want to become surgeons, surgical nurses, or other surgical team members must learn how to scrub for surgery as it is an essential skill required in their profession.

EARN EXTRACURRICULAR CREDITS – Extracurricular activities are important for premed students who want to go to medical school because it shows you are dedicated to the field of medicine and that you can handle a lot of different responsibilities.

Improved public health: Understanding how germs work can lead to improved public health outcomes. By promoting awareness and education about the spread of disease, individuals can take steps to prevent infection and reduce the spread of illness.

The online course has two components: practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Practical Skills:

  1. Hand hygiene – alcohol, soap and water
  2. Don clean gloves
  3. Safely remove used gloves
  4. Change into operating room attire
  5. Prepare hands for surgery – alcohol, soap and water
  6. Gown for surgery
  7. Put on sterile gloves – open, closed, and plunge methods
  8. Donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  9. Palpate the lymph nodes

Theoretical knowledge:

  1. Aseptic technique origins
  2. The chain of infection
  3. Medical microbiology basics
  4. Hospital acquired infections (HAI)
  5. Practice medicine/surgery safely
  6. Sterilizing methods
  7. Disinfectant and aseptic methods
  8. The operating room (OR) team
  9. Patient preparation before surgery
  10. Pre-op skin preparing
  11. The sterile field / environment
  12. Draping
  13. Personal protective equipment (PPE) / Barrier techniques
  14. The lymphatic system
  15. Career opportunities in the field of sterility and asepsis


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