Basic Suture Kit (Right-handed)

Get a suture kit and online training course designed by an experienced surgeon specifically to teach beginners how to confidently perform (the how & when of) 10 suturing techniques as well as surgical knot-tying methods, dealing with suturing complications, how to avoid scars, correcting suturing defects, a case study, and more.


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Practice & perfect your surgical skills.

Prepare to have a steady hand and a clear mind while confidently suturing wounds. Watch detailed, step-by-step suturing tutorials, videos, and illustrations.

Effective, Efficient, and Confident – learn the right things in the right way from the start. Avoid making critical, beginner mistakes such as using a hemostat or mosquito hemostat in place of a needle holder. Get a suture kit with instruments selected by a surgeon. Learn the right things with the right instruments and ensure high marks for objective skills assessments (OSATS). Maximize the speed at which you build suturing muscle memory with a comprehensive suturing course, that goes far beyond basic suturing technique videos, and avoid a long list of mistakes made by most people when learning how to suture wounds.

Everything you need is included in the suture practice kit: quality suturing instruments, suture practice pad with wounds types commonly seen in the emergency room, 12 sachets suturing material (30″ threads each, size 3-0, with 3/8 circle reverse cutting needles), a convenient carry case that fits everything, and an online mastery course by Dr. Anton Scheepers who worked as maxillo-facial and oral surgeon for 30 years.

Online training designed by an experienced surgeon for anyone new to suturing.

Suturing techniques:

  1. Subcutaneous
  2. Interrupted & Interrupted with buried knots
  3. Continuous (running)
  4. Continuous interlocking
  5. Vertical mattress
  6. horizontal mattress
  7. “Far-And-Near”
  8. Figure of eight
  9. Subcuticular
  10. Purse-string

Knot-tying tutorials:

  • The critically important difference between a granny’s knot and a square knot.
  • How to make a square knot:
    • One-hand tie
    • Two-hand tie
    • An instrument tie
  • How to make a surgeon’s knot:
    • One-hand tie
    • Instrument tie

And many other topics, including:

  • how to correctly hold suturing instruments,
  • avoid scars,
  • correcting a “dog’s Ear” effect,
  • wound dehiscence,
  • case studies, and more.


The Apprentice Doctor Suturing Kit and Online Training Course

Practice & perfect suturing wounds with the online training course by Dr. Anton Scheepers. He is a qualified surgeon with experience in: general surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ear, nose, and throat surgery and has worked as a maxillofacial & oral surgeon (reconstruction of the face and jaw) for 30 years.

Practice & Perfect Suturing Skills With Proper Suturing Instruments.

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