Venipuncture Workshop Stations

Six workshop stations for training groups to confidently perform various venipuncture techniques and procedures.

Each Lab-10 box is designed to train 10 students.


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Venipuncture Training Stations for 10 Students.

Six Workstations:

Workstation 1: Injection Techniques


Workstation 2: Phlebotomy Syringe and Needle.

Workstation 3: Phlebotomy Syringe and Butterfly Needle.

Workstation 4: Phlebotomy Syringe and Safety Needle.

Workstation 5: Phlebotomy Vacuum Tube Holder and Needle.

Workstation 6:

Venipuncture 10 Workshop Stations AD603-WS10 Station 6

Additional items for all workshop attendees.



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